Jai is the founder of The Presto Post. The main editor. The captain of the ship. He oversees1934711_1079398145456832_8460458116007277794_n all the posts and ensures everything runs smoothly. Jai writes about all things, with his favourite topics being that of business, philosophy and health. He loves to read, dabbles in a few things and specialises in living life. He works from everywhere, with his preferred workplace being mars, just east of earth. Here is more on mars if you haven’t heard of it. Jai’s mission in life is to help others and better humanity.

Food Writers


Deanna is the our go-to-girl for delicious recipes and food stuff. She is the creator of Health Without Sacrifice. She is a college student “exploring the world of nutrition and healthy foods while still enjoying every last bite.”

Creative Writing, Book Lovers & Bloggers

Rosie Worsley

13820468_10210419480511643_103284676_nRosie is a classically trained musician, amateur thespian, dabbler in the art of dance and budding wordsmith. We’d describe Rosie as inspirational, independent and unique with a fantastic sense of humour. Eccentric, bubbly, witty and holds a very pleasant conversation. Rosie is the former Poetry and Arts Editor of The Birmingham Journal of Literature and Language. She has a PhD in Creative Writing. She is one of a kind.

Philosophy, Life & Happiness

Mad Chris

angry-man-1409747505kGyMad Chris is The Presto Post’s very own Socrates. He lives an active life as a philosopher and writer. He has very little, for he does not need much. He questions everything, for he knows that life is about questions, not answers. He reads a few books. He loves life. He’s just awesome. Chris was given the forename ‘Mad’ by his parents when he was just a young boy, because he seems to have had an existential crisis 10 years before that of the norm. This lead him to philosophy, and he has never looked back, or has he? His mission in life is to wake people up. His favourite meal is an olive or two. His mantra, “The way to be safe in life, is to never feel secure.”. That’s Chris.

Olusegun Akinwolere

rsz_1617590_10206102705272477_9129222953450490709_o_1‘George’ is currently a student in his final year of university, where he is studying the art of Clinical & Social Psychology. Originally from Birmingham, he moved to the US of A in 2007, and still resides there to this day. He loves all things Religion, Psychology , and Sports.

Health & Wellbeing

The Gym Nerd

Name undisclosed, but its time to disclose it. Arnold –  yes his name is Arnold!, isfitness-strength-strong-male.jpg our health and fitness walking encyclopedia. He is one of our top writers in Health, Fitness and the like. He started lifting scaffolding poles at the ripe age of 18, before falling in love with rusty metal. He started personal training, cofounded a gym or two, and now writes, travels and spreads the word of health and loving our bodies. Arnold’s favourite method is crossfit, his favourite food is the hickory nut. That’s The Gym Nerd.

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