Is The Real Problem The LACK Of Problems? Perhaps Life Is Too Good | Short Reads

Seldom throughout history has there been so few barriers—and yet indolence still prevails en masse. Seldom has opportunity for learning been so abundant—and yet the desire to learn is scarce. Seldom has there been so much freedom to choose one’s own beliefs, to think for oneself, to walk one’s own path—and yet the prevalence of groupthink, dog-eat-dog philosophies, dangerous nihilism, bigotry, and ignorant preaching of rights is clear as day. Seldom has freedom of speech been so championed; seldom has there been such liberty; seldom has life been so good, privileged, comfortable; seldom has there been so much connection, opportunity—and perhaps never has the feeling of entrapment, purposelessness, delusion and confusion been so strong.

A wiseman of the past once remarked that there may be a time when there aren’t enough problems, when life is too easy, comfortable, privileged—and that will be the BIG problem. Perhaps that time is now; perhaps we don’t have enough problems to solve; perhaps we have too much freedom?

Religion bashers, anarchists, nihilists, hardcore liberalists and other critics of the core structure of society—too many of them are ignorant of the consequences of total freedom, of the absence of authority, of to abdication of moral and social responsiblity, of discipline, of order; too much liberty is a hazard.

No, we don’t have total freedom, but perhaps what we have is more than enough.

Jai Preston
Captain of the Ship; head editor. Jai likes to write, read, and drink pour-over coffee. His principal goal is to get people thinking about their lives and the world around them in a deeper, more thoughtful and rational manner. In his leisure time he practices archery, speaks fake Italian, cooks, and breaks things.

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