Religion is a Farce

Religion is a Farce
I grew up a ‘catholic christian’. Half of my family are Irish, the other half (I don’t really know my other side) are apparently sikh. I went to a catholic primary school and a catholic secondary school. But although learning about religion in school did sometimes interest me (i got an A – thanks Mr Cunane), it was only because it opened my eyes to exactly what it is.

I do not believe in any religion or belong to any cult or belief or whatever you want to call it. The reason is, Religion just causes separation.

And separation causes disagreements, disagreements cause fights, fights cause wars, wars cause seperation. separation leads to religion. Which leads to more seperation.

For example, take Christians and take Muslims. Both will believe in a god, both will have foundational beliefs, and both acknowledge each others beliefs. But that is where it ends, because they will both disagree about simple things like marriage, like food, like relationship boundaries, like things that frankly don’t need to be fought about.

Furthermore, as Yuval Noah Harari pointed out in his fascinating book Sapiens: That religion is just an illusion. It’s a made up set of belief’s that were created originally between small communities, then as some got popular, some faded away. The popular ones got more and more popular, spread across the world and they are the religions we see today: Islam, Christianity, ‘Buddhism’ (which is slightly unique), Sikhism, Hinduism, Judaism. But they are just fictional beliefs.

Beneath the skies there is but one family. And i believe we should all behave as such. Of course there will be disagreements, there will be problems, but together we can work them out. We cant do this when we believe we are separate.