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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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Remembering The Founding Father Of LSD

The Man Who Brought LSD To The World'When you take Psychedelics, the best place to do it is in nature,' said the incredible Swiss...

Alternative Answers To The Most Popular (and dry) Meetup Question

The question, 'What do you do?', whilst useful to some degree, is arguably the most boring, cliched, monotonous, tedious, uninspiring, uncreative, monotonous, monotonous, monotonous...

How to Overcome a Divorce Pt2 – Why Me?

Part 2 - How to Overcome a Divorce, by Rosie Worsley...

Why It Is So Much Harder To Become A ‘Genius’ Today

Talent is so much harder to 'actually' see...

Ancient Wisdom From The Tao Te Ching: True Knowing Is Not-Knowing

The following poem is from the ancient book known as the Tao Te Ching (pronounced “Dow Day Ching”), written by the mysterious figure Lao Tzu, over 2500...